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Our Mission

Our core mission is dedicated to serving the youth and children of Indiana. We achieve this by focusing on three key areas of leadership development.


Identify and Train

Identifying and training leaders involves embracing a model approach that goes beyond just recognition but dives into the discovery and nurturing of emerging leaders. We want to emphasize the growth of leadership by fostering community among NextGen leaders. 

Care and Coaching

Caring and coaching leaders involve embodying the role of mentors, offering compassionate guidance and unwavering support. This relationship facilitates personal and professional growth, fostering a resilient and empowered cadre of leaders prepared to navigate challenges with confidence and integrity.

Multiply and Mobilize

Multiplying and mobilizing leaders involves motivating them to extend their influence and fervently engage in their communities.  This empowering approach aims to cultivate a network of leaders dedicated to embodying Christian principles and positively impacting the world for Christ.


Each of these pillars is crucial in shaping the next generation of leaders within Indiana.

Our Beliefs

We believe in the value of community.

(Youth Conference & Kid’s Blast)

We believe in going deeper and seeking God’s presence.

(Summer Camps)

We believe in leadership development.

(NextGen One Day, NextGen Retreats)

We believe in student discipleship and ministry training.

(Fine & Fun Arts, Called Kids & Youth, Royal Rangers & Girls Ministries, Junior Bible Quiz and Senior Bible Quiz)

We believe in being generous.

(Speed the Light & Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge)

We believe in serving others.

(AIM Local and Global Missions Trips)

We believe in reaching others through personal revival and invitation.

(Youth Alive and Kids Alive)

Our Team

Mark Whitehead

NextGen Director

Ashley Whitehead

Admin Assistant

NextGen Missions

Leadership Development

Jen Reese

Admin Assistant

Kids Admin

Social Media

Pam Burgan

Admin Assistant

Youth Admin

Equipping the kids and students of Indiana to MAKE DISCIPLES WHO MAKE DISCIPLES
of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the great commission 
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