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Join us for Youth Convention, where students gather and thrive in God.

Youth Convention

Engaging Worship and Activities

Experience the power of worship like never before! We have passionate worship sessions that bring us closer to God through music and prayer. Alongside these spiritual moments, enjoy a variety of activities designed to strengthen bonds and create memories. Whether it's through song, prayer, or fun group activities, you'll find a deepened sense of community and faith.

Inspirational Speakers

Prepare to be uplifted and motivated by our lineup of dynamic speakers. These leaders, hailing from diverse backgrounds, bring powerful messages of faith, leadership, and personal growth. Each session is designed to ignite your passion and help you discover your unique path in serving the Lord and your community.

Youth Convention! This is where students and leaders from across Indiana gather for an unforgettable experience. Our convention is more than just an event; it's a celebration of faith, friendship, and the future leaders of our community. Get ready for a journey!


Ready to be part of this incredible journey? Register now to secure your spot at the Youth Convention. Just fill out the simple online form, and you're all set. Whether you're a youth leader, a pastor, or a young individual eager to grow, this convention is for you. Don't wait – join us for an experience that could change your life!


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